Monday, July 5, 2010

hail, and welcome!

to Epic in Plain English!

this is the place i plan on devoting to my hate love of Epic Poems. also where i will hopefully be helping to make some sense of them!

herein, i will be taking any epic poems i read or have read, and, putting the generally always sometimes confusing language into language that regular, not-too-scholarly people can understand without too much trouble.

the poem i'll be starting with is Theogony, by Hesiod, as translated by R.M. Frazer. in this copy of it, Frazer's put comments in, to help people understand, and i promise, i'll include those as well (generally as a post-script). oddly enough, i'll also explain some of the comments he makes, since a few of them aren't non-ancient-lit-scholar friendly, really. ^.^-b

there's a couple of static pages planned so far, 1 for casts of characters, but i fear that may end up HUGE, so that plan might change. another will probably be links to the copies of the books i'm using.

do you have any suggestions? would you like to help (oh please oh please oh please)? leave a comment with an email, and i'll contact you! (my email is also on the static pages, so if you just want to contact me directly, go ahead, just please, don't spam me, and make the subject something similar to the blog's title.)

~ciao, benne~

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