River Locations

Acheloos - The Achelous River. Western Greece, mouth at the Ionian/Aegean Sea. begins on the Eastern slope of Lakmos Mountain in the Pindus Range. [wiki page]

Alpeios - The Alfeios River. the longest river in the Peloponnese, in Greece. begins in the highlands of Arcadia. [wiki page]

Aisepos - The Asopos/Asopus River(s). there are 5 rivers with this name. probably #2 or #3 on the wiki page. [wiki page]

Eridanos - a small stream, actually. flows from the foothills of lykabettos, mouth at Kerameikos. most of it's course is covered, possibly for use as a via cloacha. [wiki page]

Euenos - The Evinos River. Western Greece, mouth in the Gulf of Patras. flows entirely in the Aetolia-Acarnania prefecture. [wiki page]

Granikos - The Biga Çayı River. Northwestern Turkey, begins at Kaz Dağı, the base of Mount Ida. mouth at the Sea of Marmara. the Battle of Granicus was fought over it (alexander the great and the persians). [wiki page]

Haliakmon - The Haliacmon/Aliàkmon River. begins in the Pindus Mountains on the border with Albania. the longest river in Greece. mouth at the Aegean Sea. [wiki page]

Heptaporos - Probably a tributary of the Skamander. odd, since the name means something like "the 7-wayed-one". [no wiki link available]

Hermos - The Gediz River. begins at Mount Murat + Mount Şaphane, mouth in the Aegean Region of Turkey. [wiki page]

Kaikos - headwaters in the Temnos Mountains, flowed into the Aegean Sea near Pitane on the border with Lydia. [no wiki page]

Ister - The Danube River. the longest river in the EU. second only to the Volga in length. begins in the Black Forest in Germany (Berg), mouth at the Danube Delta/The Black Sea. [wiki page]

Ladeskos - apparantly this river doesn't exist any longer, or no one knows it's modern name, because the only entries on google are either Theogony proper or the entry here on this blog. O.o

Ladon - Tributary of the Alfeios. rises west of Tripoli in Arcadia. When Poseidon assaulted Demeter, she washed away the insult in the waters of the River Ladon. [wiki page]

Maiander - The Büyük Menderes River, in Turkey. also called The Maeander. begins in Dinar. mouth is the Aegean Sea near the Ionian city of Miletus. [wiki page]

Nessos - The Nestos River. begins in the Rila Mountains in Bulgaria. mouth at the Aegean Sea. not to be confused with the centuar Nessus. [wiki page]

Nile - The Nile River. The river in Egypt. begins where the White Nile (begins in Lake Victoria, Uganda) and the Blue Nile (begins in lake Tana, Ethiopia) meet. [wiki page]

Parthenois - River in northern Asia Minor emptying into the Black Sea. [no wiki page]

Peneios - there's a couple of these, one in the Peloponnese, and one in Thessaly. probably the one Hesiod meant was the one in Thessaly. begins in the Pindus Mountains, mouth at the Aegean Sea. [wiki page]

Phasis - The Rioni River, in modern Georgia (ancient Colchis, where Medea is from). begins in the Caucasus, mouth at the Black Sea. [wiki page]

Rhesos - River in Asia Minor flowing from the mountains of Ida. [no wiki page]

Rhodios - River in Asia Minor flowing from Mount Ida. [no wiki page]

Sangarios - The Sakarya River, in Turkey (mostly). begins on the Bayat Plateau, mouth at the Black Sea. [wiki page]

Simios - a Trojan River. helped Skamander in his fight with Achilles during the Trojan War. [wiki page]

Skamander - The Karamenderes River. flows entirely in the province of Çanakkale in Turkey. The Battles in the Illiad were fought along it's lower course, apparantly. [wiki page]

Strymon - The Struma River, in Bulgaria. begins in Vitosha, Bulgaria, mouth at the Aegean Sea. [wiki page]